Top bread machines for gluten free diets

For anyone suffering from gluten allergies or celiac disease, bread can be your worst nightmare. But avoiding gluten doesn’t mean you have to avoid bread for the rest of your life. Today, many bread machines are designed to bake gluten free breads that taste and look just like regular bread.

Why do you need a specific machine for this purpose? Gluten flours are different from regular flours. Without gluten, bread becomes dense and crumbly. Special care needs to be taken in the kneading and baking process to produce a delicious loaf of bread without gluten. Specific gluten free bread machines are programmed to handle this type of dough.

Here are several best bread machines to choose from that bake gluten free bread well and are reasonably priced.

Hamilton Beach Home Baker

With an amazing price tag of $60, this compact pick is great for small homes and budgets. Among the 12 programmable functions that are included in this model is a gluten free mode. Other pluses are triple crust settings, 13-hour delay timer, extra kneading paddle, and audible reminder.

Oster 2-pound Bread Maker

Based on performance and taste, the Oster $60 bread maker is a great deal for gluten free bakers. Strengths include a large LCD display, large viewing window for better monitoring, and being very quiet when in operation. It is not a heavy machine and can be easily stored.

T-fal PF111

Moderately priced at $200, it’s not the cheapest machine you can get to make gluten free breads but it is for sure one of the nicest in design. Two features worthy of mention are the 15-hour delay timer and the dedicated gluten free mode. What’s more is you can remove the kneading blade with a tool that comes with the machine. All in all, a great bread maker that is quiet and easy to use.

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This gluten free bread maker review and summary examines the top models in great detail. Remember to check out the buying guide before leaving to help you narrow down your choices.